About Us

Who We Are: We are Trigonal, the brainchild of serial entrepreneur Jonathan Goodman, and we're on a mission to make art as accessible as your favorite playlist. Inspired by Rita Long, a pioneer in the arts and culture scene, we're here to fill your life with color, creativity, and a dash of rebellion.

Our Mission: We believe that art shouldn't be locked away in galleries; it should be a part of your daily life. Our goal is to make every moment a canvas for self-expression and cultural conversation.

Our Journey: Life threw us a curveball with the pandemic, but we adapted. We took our passion for art online, diving into the world of NFTs and digital mediums. We even launched a YouTube channel to keep the art community connected during tough times.

What's New: We're not just about traditional art anymore. In 2023, we embraced the future by stepping into the world of AI-generated art and retail. We're excited about this new chapter and can't wait for you to be a part of it.

Why You Should Care: If you're tired of the same old, same old and are looking for something fresh, edgy, and meaningful, we're the brand for you. We're more than just an art gallery; we're a movement. Join us, and let's shake up the world together.